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We have also Certified as under Pollution Control Board and Environmental Lab Tests.

Polymer Packaging Services:

Packaging using plastic materials is the most desired form of packaging due to its many benefits. Plastic is ideal for producers because it is a lightweight material and is easy to manipulate, extrude, and form into any shape you want. This makes it easy to package unique items that wouldn’t normally fit into basic structures. Thus, usage of Plastic is very essential and easier in Packaging materials and our Unit ensures that there is no chemical harm from the usage of plastic materials in the bottles & other Products as we are certified by Reputed International Certifying Bodies. We have attached below the Lab Report below for PET Containers Quality.

We Undertake Polymer Processing for Packaging Production and also customization according to your Brand and Needs, we are capable with High Production Capacity and can able to provide the required Products and services on time-Delivery. Click below to know more of our Range in Products & Services.

Bottle & Cans - Caps

20 Ltr Cans and Water Bottles, Caps are Manufactured and Processed.

Water Cans & Dispensers

Plastic Water Cans and Dispensers are Produced & Supplied.

Polymer Products

All types of Plastic Injection Moulding and Polymer Products supplied as per your requirements.

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