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Chirag Aqua Polymer Polymer Packaging Solutions.
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Polymer packaging solutions in Bangalore

Chirag Aqua Polymer 20 Ltrs Water Bottles Caps Cans

Packaging using plastic materials is the most desired form of packaging due to its many benefits. Chirag Aqua Polymer Polymer Packaging Solutions. Plastic is ideal for producers because it is a lightweight material and is easy to manipulate, extrude, and form into any shape you want. This makes it easy to package unique items that wouldn’t normally fit into basic structures. Thus, usage of Plastic is very essential and easier in Packaging materials and our Unit ensures that there is no chemical harm from the usage of plastic materials in the bottles & other Products as we are certified by Reputed International Certifying Bodies. We have attached below the Lab Report below for PET Containers Quality.

We Undertake Polymer Processing for Packaging Production and also customization according to your Brand and Needs, we are capable with High Production Capacity and can able to provide the required Products and services on time-Delivery. Click below to know more of our Range in Products & Services.

Buy water cans in Bangalore

If you need to buy water cans in Bangalore, then Chirag aqua polymers will be the best choice on the list. We are known for our quality manufacturing process and top-notch quality at the final product output. Generally, water cans available are in 4 variants such as 1 liter, 2 liters, 5 liters, and 20-liter cans.

Chirag Aqua Polymer 20 Ltrs Water Bottles Caps Cans
Chirag Aqua Polymers Water Bottles

Customized water bottles

Chirag Aqua polymers, one of the leading water bottle providers, offer customized water bottles for their customers. Whatever may be the design you can get it in Chirag aqua polymers. Some of the examples of customized water bottles include sports water bottles, kitchen water bottles, children’s water bottles, and personalized design water bottles. We offer premium water bottles with your personalized logo engraved or printed on the desired polymer product. Buy Customized Water bottles from us now for best price!

20 liters water cans in Bangalore

Due to an uprising drinking water crisis, 20 liters supplying water cans demand goes high in major cities like Delhi Kolkata, Chennai, and Bangalore. You can buy 20 liters of water cans in Bangalore only at Chirag aqua polymers, as their product quality remains the best in the market. They are producing tougher polymer cans for carrying 20 liters of drinking water.

20 liter jar
Chirag Aqua Polymer 20 Ltrs Water Bottles Caps Cans

Bottle caps

Bottle caps will be the important parameter in the look of water cans. You can buy well designed and better-equipped bottle caps for your water cans. Whatever may be the design of water cans, whether it may be 20 liters of drinking water can, sports water can, thermo steel water can, regular PET bottles, and some other customized water cans you can order bottle caps from Chirag aqua polymers as per your needs.

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Plastic Packaging

The role of plastics in packaging becomes crucial due to their physical stability, flexibility, low cost manufacturing process, ability for the formation of new cross linked plastic products like PET and teflon, and  thermal stability. Chirag Aqua Polymers will provide polymer compounds that are being used for plastic packaging.

Custom water bottle in Bangalore:
Chirag Aqua Polymer Polymer Packaging Solutions

Our products include normal drinking water cans available in the range of 1 liter, 2 liter, 5 liter and 20 liter cans. 

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